Sleep Disordered Breathing Unit

The work in this unit started since 2004.

Sevices of the unit:

- Diagnosis and treatment of patients with sleep disordered breathing .
- Researches and thesis in sleep disordered breathing .

Members of the unit

  1. Prof. Mohmad El-Desoky Abou-Shehata
  2. Prof. Ahmad younis El-Sayed
  3. Prof. Abdel Baset Saleh
  4. Dr. Ayeda  Mahmoud Yousif
  5. Dr. Lousi Abdel Maaboud Soliman
  6. Dr. Nesrein El-Sayed El-Morsi
  7. Dr. Mohamad Maher Abdel Latef

Equipments: Photo

- Polysomonography .
- Epoch illustrating obstructive sleep apnea associated with O2desaturation .
- Continuous positive airway pressure.
- Automatic positive airway pressure

Plan of the work in sleep disordered breathing unit :

- The work in the unit involve 6 days weekly ,4 cases weekly and the remaining 2 days for revision of the cases done .

OutPatient Clinic
- At THURSDAY from each week from (9-12 am)

Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday
Outdoor Clinic Reading reports Research for patient The case of salaried The case of salaried Research for patient

Instructions before doing polysomonography:

- Avoid naps
- Avoid coffee and tea .
- Take a shower before bedtime .
- Shave your chin .
- Avoid sedatives and hypnotics .
- Avoid use of cream or oily material for face or hair .

Followup Card PDF

Sleep Disorder Breathing Unit Clinical Sheet PDF